• Features and functions of modern office chair

    by  • October 30, 2016 • Furniture, Office Furniture

    It is important that you are well aware of the various features and functions availed by the modern office chair before you make a purchase. After doing your homework well, you will be convinced on the best option for you and ensure that you make a well informed buying decision.

    What to look at

    To start with, the backrest adjustment is a feature that you must not hesitate to look at in the office chair. This one is very important when it comes to prevention and alleviation of any kind of discomfort associated with sitting on the chair for long hours. The features included here are the backrest height, horizontal and tilt backrest movements, which are all very important. The backrest height makes it possible for the user to choose their most preferred height that offers their back sufficient support and you can adopt the kind of posture that makes you comfortable.

    The next feature that you should be interested in is the chair height adjustment as this is a great feature which must be possessed by any good office chair out there. Among the most commonly used ways of making height adjustments to the chair is the Pneumatic lever and you can do the adjustments as you remain seated. Office chairs that are old styled need the person to place a food on the base of the chair and lower or raise it by spinning around.

    The next thing you must check at when undertaking your shopping expedition for office chair is the seat pan characteristic. And as far as the seat pan is concerned, it is crucial that you go for the one having a round edge since this helps a lot in elimination of the uncomfortable pressure that the chair is likely to exert on the back of legs or knees. As far as the seat pan’s debt is concerned, it is important that a space that measures a closed fist’s size. And when it comes to the fabric used for making the seat pan, it is important that it is durable and permeable for it to be able to dissipate moisture and heat.

    Other features of importance

    Armrests of an office chair are also very important and should be checked. Most importantly, the armrest shouldn’t cause any kind of interference to the tasks being undertaken. This means that it must never impede any movements, which are required to be made and the armrests really help a lot when it comes to reading, editing and undertaking other chores on the desks. Another key feature is stability of the chair. At the very least, the chair that you are buying should feature the 5 prolonged based together with proper casters. While the office chairs that are 4 pronged are available, it is advisable that you don’t settle for them since they have limited stability. Such chairs are likely to tip sideways or backwards depending on the direction the user of the chair is leaning at.

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