• The need of green infrastructure

    by  • August 2, 2012 • Green Infrastructure, Infrastructure

    In past couple of decades, the level of pollution has increased by several folds and this has increased the need to adopt programs such as green infrastructure that aims to protect environment. Human actions have not only damaged the environment and the ozone layer, but they also have had negative effects on all living organisms along with buildings and several precious monuments. The dangerous emissions released by factories, cars and other things that are being used on a daily basis accumulate gradually and if necessary steps are not taken to stop them, then the future generations are in grave danger and might have to face several health issues. Another important thing to take into consideration is that when compared to developing nations, the developed countries have played a larger role in polluting the environment because they are far advanced than the third world countries. This means for the developing countries to follow their steps, the developed countries should provide a good example and one way to do so is through green infrastructure.